Series: We are so lightly here

By: Don Gray


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CSP 09-314(1)-(47) A series of 47 monotypes/monoprints on Somerset satin white. Paper/Image size Variable. Collaborating printer Frank Janzen, TMP. Current price $200.00-$700.00 each.

Print formats: CSP 09-314(1)-(45) Vertical diptychs, CSP 09-314(46)(a)(b)(c). Vertical triptych, CSP 09-314(47). Individual monotype.

All prices are retail. Full documentation is provided with each print. Shipping and handling are extra.

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CSP 09-314(3)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(4)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(5)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(6)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(7)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(9)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(10)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(11)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(12)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(13)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(15)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(17)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(18)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(19)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(20)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(21)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(22)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(23)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(24)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(25)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(26)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(27)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(28)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(29)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(30)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(31)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(32)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(34)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(35)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(36)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(37)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(38)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(39)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(40)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(41)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(42)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(43)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(45)(a)(b), CSP 09-314(46)(a)(b)(c), CSP 09-314(47)