Collaboration: Lavadour/Pitt

By: Amongst Friends: A six artist collaboration


Monotype print collaboration with James Lavadour and Lillian Pitt

approximate unframed dimensions: 15 1/8″ x 22 1/4″




CSP 10-309(1)-(4). A series of 4 monotypes printed on Rives BFK white. Paper/ image sizes: Variable. Collaboration between James Lavadour and Lillian Pitt made in 2010. Master Printer Frank Janzen. CSP 10-309(1), CSP 10-309(3) Framed $2,400.00. CSP 10-309(2) Unframed $2,200.00.

Price is retail and as these prints are donated to Crow’s Shadow for fundraising there is no discount. Full documentation is provided with each print. Shipping and handling are extra.

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CSP 10-309(1), CSP 10-309(2), CSP 10-309(3)