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Marie Watt, Companion Species (What’s Going On), four-color woodcut, paper & image size 17.5″ x 18.5, edition of 14, $900


Marie Watt produced two images during her residency at Crow’s Shadow in the late fall of 2017. Her works were signed and finalized just in time for the 2018 Portland Fine Print Fair at the end of January. Watt’s newest woodcuts incorporate imagery related to Romulus and Remus’ wolf mother, with an abstraction of the she wolf’s tongue lolling across both compositions (in pink or red). Companion Species (What’s Going On) was inspired by a scrap of camouflage fabric that Watt found during a walk with her family. She was drawn to it partially based on the homonym of fatigue being both a fabric pattern (used to make oneself invisible) and fatigue as an emotional/physical state. In Companion Species (Anthem), we see words from Marvin Gaye’s emblematic hit song What’s Going On, simultaneously reflective of the Vietnam era while being recontextualized by current political strife.