Contemporary Prints From Crow’s Shadow At Oregon College Of Art And Craft

On March 29, 2018

Oregon College of Art and Craft will be exhibiting over 20 prints from our permanent collection in the Hoffman Gallery at their SW Barnes campus.

Printmaking is a historic model of image reproduction and dissemination that has a rich tradition of engaging all manner of artists. As a contemporary medium, it also pioneers various innovative techniques. For the artists invited to participate in the Crow’s Shadow Residency, printmaking became an auxiliary practice with which to experiment creating editions and singular images related to their primary work. The participating artists were carefully selected based on their commitment to their art practice and career, and in many cases because printmaking was not their primary medium. The Crow’s Shadow Artist in Residence program offers the opportunity for photographers, painters, installation artists, sculptors and other artists to broaden their bodies of work and import new techniques into their studios.

“We’ve found that having firsthand knowledge of the technical limitations of printmaking can inhibit an artist from experimenting or trying new methods,” explains Karl Davis, Executive Director of Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts. “The unique opportunity to work with a Master Printer frees them of the need to have the technical knowledge and instead allows them to focus on image making. The Master Printer benefits from this arrangement as well, since working with an artist to create something completely unique pushes them into a problem-solving role, to find new ways to approach lithographs, monotypes, and monoprints. The ultimate validation for this comes when the artist returns to their own studio and starts to incorporate methods, techniques, or formal elements that they developed while in residency.”

While printmaking is seen as highly crafted and traditional, new methods that incorporate the digital are being created. The works in the exhibition will highlight innovative printmaking techniques amongst artists working across disciplines.

Exhibiting artists include: Rick Bartow, Pat Boas, Adnan Charara, Daniel Duford, Damien Gilley, Jeffery Gibson, Edgar Heap of Birds, Blair Saxon-Hill, Arnold Kemp, Eva Lake, James Lavadour, Brenda Mallory, Victor Maldonado, Whitney Minthorn, Susan Murrell, Jenene Nagy, Michelle Ross, Wendy Red Star, Shirod Younker, Marie Watt and Samantha Wall

About the Hoffman Gallery:

The Hoffman Gallery is named after Julia Hoffman, who, in 1907, founded the precursor of today’s Oregon College of Art and Craft. In supporting the college’s educational mission, the Hoffman Gallery at OCAC reflects current trends and conversation in the arts and expands the critical discourse around craft and making for the campus and the larger community. It features the work of regional, national, and international artists and makers, including special exhibitions of OCAC students and faculty.


Opening Reception: Dec. 2nd, 5-8pm.

Panel Discussion:

Monday, January 23, 2017, 12:30-2:00pm with Crow’s Shadow participants: Pat Boas, Damien Gilley, Blair Saxon-Hill, Victor Maldonado, Marie Watt and Brenda Mallory in Centrum Studio, OCAC

Closing Jan 25, 2017.