Photolithography Printmaking Workshop with Frank Janzen

Litho in process_small

Saturday and Sunday, June 25 & 26, 9am-5pm both days.

This two-day workshop is an introduction to metal plate photolithography. Participants do not need any previous printmaking experience, only a desire to experiment. They will be taken through the simple step-by-step process to print a small edition.

Particular emphasis will be placed on various drawing techniques, including lithographic pencils, lithographic crayons and black oil paint pens on clear or textured Mylar. Toner powder suspended in alcohol as a drawing material will be introduced along with the use of stencils. Using black ink is the easiest introduction to printing photo plates and will provide for a bold, graphic quality.

Proper inking and rolling techniques will be demonstrated along with learning to sponge (keeping the plate damp) properly. Each participant will print their own edition as well as learn to sponge for other printers.

We will be primarily using the two lithography presses. However we will demonstrate the use of etching presses to print a lithograph.

Workshop fee is $210, including a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Class size is limited, call to reserve your spot today:

More information can be found here: Photolitho Wkshp June 25_26

Registration form here: Photolitho_Registration_June_25_26